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Three Resources for Teaching Clean and Renewable Energy

Every time we turn on the lights, start our car or take an online course, we’re using energy. Most of the energy we use comes from coal, oil or natural gas. While these energy sources are very good at powering homes and cars, they can also have harmful effects on the environment. Not only that, they’re not always affordable or accessible to everyone.

But there is reason for hope. More and more we are harnessing energy from the sun, wind and water—renewable and clean sources of energy. As a result, the renewable energy sector is among the fastest-growing in terms of new jobs. Global and national organizations are starting to invest more heavily in expanding the grid to include rural communities, where lack of electricity means a lack of industry, refrigeration and safe methods of cooking and heating.

So what can you and your students do to ensure cleaner and more affordable energy for people all over the world, starting in your own community?

1. Free mini course: Transform Our World: Affordable and Clean Energy

Get introduced to this SDG topic with this course offered by our sister company, Participate Inc. This course includes more than 30 lesson plans, videos, and activities. You can go at your own pace, then, connect with and follow experts and create your own resource collection. In the final part of the course you will be asked to do a lesson or activity with your students, reflect on the experience, and upload evidence. A trained peer reviewer will leave you feedback and award your digital badge!

2. Printable pinwheel activity

Teach your students about renewable energy sources while completing a hands-on activity. Students can make their own pinwheels, then discuss why sustainable energy sources are so important to our planet.

Download the pinwheel

3. 30-day clean energy challenge

Take this 30-day challenge with your students to reduce your own energy consumption, whether you turn off the lights, plant trees in your community or something else entirely! This is a great activity around Earth Day, but you can teach your students about sustainability any time of the year.

Plus a few bonus resources:

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