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Employee Spotlight: Ceaira McKoy

Each month, we highlight a Participate Learning staff member to get an inside look at how different roles contribute to Participate Learning’s success. Read on to learn more about Ceaira McKoy, one of our human resource generalists.

Participate Learning is well-known for its dual language program, global leaders program, and ambassadors teachers. As with every B Corporation, there is a network of people who work hard to make that life-changing work possible. At the very beginning of this network lies our human resource specialists.

Human resources departments are responsible for a range of different functions in most companies. They recruit, screen, interview, train and place employees.

HR specialists also facilitate employee relations, payroll, and help employees navigate benefits enrollments and participation. They are often the first meaningful connection for employees who are new to a company and they help pave the way for a smooth transition to a new workplace.

Headshot of Ceaira McKoy

The human resources department at Participate Learning is no different. Staff would not be able to do their jobs without the support of HR.

Ceaira McKoy is one of our Human Resources Generalists. Employees can trust that Ceaira will be available and eager to help if they ever have questions.

She is also in constant communication with our ambassadors teachers. Whenever our ambassador teachers need help with benefits or just need support, HR is eager to offer help.

Ceaira’s Path to Human Resources

Even though she loves her position, Ceaira didn’t always dream of a career in HR. When she was younger she wanted to be a nurse anesthetist, but she found her calling at Participate Learning.

She began her journey in November 2014 as an intern in the HR department. Ceaira had no prior knowledge or experience in HR, but benefitted from thorough training and grew to love the position.

“I was fortunate to receive great training and given important responsibilities. That opportunity solidified my decision to pursue a career in HR following my graduation from college,” Ceaira said.


With every job comes a set of challenges and Ceaira’s is no different. There are so many employees that need a variety of different things and deadlines can become blurry. Time management skills are a necessity when supporting many employees in different departments.

Ceaira overcomes these challenges with many different skills and strategies. She manages her calendar attentively and always keeps her to-do list current.

Fond Memories

Working at Participate Learning is fulfilling and fun. While Ceaira loves many aspects of her job, she has one experience that clearly sticks out as the most memorable: having the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica with some of her colleagues to do work while immersed in a different culture.

This trip was part of a benefit Participate Learning offers its staff in which the company encourages employees who qualify to travel to Costa Rica for up to a month while working remotely. The hope is that employees who participate in this experience will gain valuable professional development that they are able to apply to their work upon returning to the United States. “We had an amazing time exploring the country of Costa Rica together,” shares Ceaira.

Do Well, Do Good

Ceaira believes that the most rewarding part of her job is helping others. Last year many communities in North Carolina were devastated by two major hurricanes, Florence and Michael. Among the communities affected by these disasters included Ceaira’s hometown of Lumberton.

Participate Learning was eager to help those in need during the aftermath of the hurricanes. After raising money through a company-wide fundraiser, the donations were used to help restore the affected communities. Employees gathered together to support people who experienced loss during this time, including Ceaira who had a personal connection as many of her friends and family were affected.

Ceaira’s support of Participate Learning employees helps further the mission of the company. Of the company’s core values, Ceaira identifies most with “Do well, do good.”

“The exposure of global concepts and cultures that we provide to students is very important. I believe that we do a great job of doing good things for our future generation of global leaders,” Ceaira said.

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