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Employee Spotlight: Marlee Devine

Moving to another country is difficult. Marlee Devine, a teacher resources coordinator, makes the transition process as smooth and stress-free as possible for cultural exchange teachers each year. Marlee works in Participate Learning’s teacher resources department, where teachers are her focus each and every day.

What does the work look like?

Her typical work day is spent answering questions from the many cultural exchange teachers working with Participate. She also manages the local advisor program that offers teachers a friendly face to interact with when they need help. Teachers rely on the support provided by Marlee and her team. In many cases teachers have a difficult time adjusting when first coming to the United States. The tax and healthcare systems can be completely different and may be hard to navigate. Marlee makes sure that teachers have a strong support network.

“Everyone adjusts at their own pace,” she said.

Every day brings a new challenge. Marlee is excited each day because she knows something new will happen.

“Day to day can be unpredictable, which also makes things more exciting!” she said.

Why Participate?

headshot of Marlee Devine

Marlee loves working in teacher resources and with her team. They try to have fun while helping teachers as much as possible. She is fascinated with different languages and cultures, and this fascination lead her to Participate. Working with teachers from different countries allows her to interact with different cultures daily.

“I love connecting with and helping them during their transition to living and working in the US. We learn from each other.” said Marlee.

Orientation is Marlee’s favorite time of the year. Teachers arrive to the United States over the summer and teacher resources receives them with open arms. It is a busy time, but Marlee would not change a thing.

“It is very rewarding to extend a warm welcome to all of our new teachers and see how excited they are.” Marlee said.

Looking to the future

Growth is on Marlee’s mind. She hopes that Participate will continue to serve students by expanding into more areas. She wishes that rural areas in North Carolina and new states try Participate.

“Participate teachers bring so much to their classrooms and so many children here could really benefit from the cultural exchange!” she said.

Marlee is working on a new visa software that will make the process faster and more effective. The company that provides the software is based in Chapel Hill. She is excited about the new program because she will be able to better serve teachers.

Make each other better

Participate’s core value, make each other better, inspires Marlee. “In this department, we work hard together to support our teachers as best we can because we want to see them succeed here in the U.S.,” she said.

Thanks to employees like Marlee, Participate’s cultural exchange teachers get the best experience possible!

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