Costs and fees

Financial information for participating exchange visitor teachers

Sponsor fee

Participate does not charge teachers a sponsor fee. In other words, we do not charge teachers a fee for our visa sponsorship services and we do not charge teachers a fee to apply to our program or participate in it.

Third party partner fees

Participate does not authorize any third party in the U.S. or abroad to charge fees to teachers to apply to our program or participate in it, and we do not collect such fees from third parties. Interested teachers may contact us directly to inquire about teaching qualifications required for participation and may be invited to submit an online application at no cost.

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Fees teachers may incur to participate in our program

Teachers interested in participating in our program should be aware of certain fees, costs or expenses associated with participation. These fees include fees required by the U.S. government, amounts paid to Participate to offset the costs of applying to U.S. states for teaching licenses or insurance or related benefits, and amounts paid to third party vendors for particular services such as criminal background checks.

We have summarized these amounts below for your convenience. Please be aware that these amounts are subject to change from time to time.

Before arrival

Effective June 24, 2019: The SEVIS fee will increase from $180 to $220. The fee is paid only by the teacher and does not apply to dependents. Exchange visitors who pay the SEVIS fee prior to the fee implementation date, but before they obtain a visa or enter the United States, will not need to pay the difference between the new fee and the old fee.

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After arrival

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Teaching salaries and living expenses in the United States

Teachers in our program receive a full-time teaching salary from the host school district and typically budget to pay for their own living expenses in the U.S. from the teaching salary including such costs as renting housing, leasing or purchase a car and food. Teaching salaries and living expenses in the U.S. will vary considerably due to a number of factors such as years of teaching experience, teaching location, family size and other lifestyle choices.

Therefore, it is important that teachers plan carefully for these living expenses prior to coming to the U.S. Participate will provide teachers who accept a teaching position additional information on anticipated salary and local living expenses.

Estimated monthly pay with federal and state deductions

Based on a sample $35,000 salary paid over 12 months (Actual salaries, state and federal taxes may vary.)

*First-year teachers may be eligible for FICA exemption for up to two calendar years, based upon prior presence in the U.S.

Estimated ranges for monthly expenses

Based on initial costs, Participate recommends that all new teachers bring a minimum of $3,000 to put towards relocation expenses (car down payment, utility deposits, etc.).

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