Expand Equity in Learning

Support student achievement with a Participate Global Program

Your partner in developing global education programs

Exposure to diverse individuals, ideas and resources is critical to education and development. Tomorrow’s global citizens need a globally focused education today.

Participate Learning can help your school or district implement a strong program. We collaborate with schools to advance learning and improve student outcomes.

Why partner with Participate Learning?

Implementing a Participate Global Program doesn’t mean cutting pieces from your lesson plan to squeeze in something else.

We work with you to integrate global content into your existing curriculum. Our education support managers are former teachers who understand how to align content with standards.

Benefits reported by schools include:

  • Test score improvement
  • Student growth
  • Greater teacher retention
  • Community engagement
  • Flexible and credible professional development
  • Fewer recruiting challenges
  • Access to diverse role models

Keep reading below to find out more about what goes into a Global Program.

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Participate Schools

Our network of schools and teachers ignites change. Each member gains access to the following resources:

  • Instructional support
  • Leadership development
  • Assessments
  • Networking
  • Dual language immersion
  • International teachers

Get the full range of services, or choose from those that will best support your objectives.

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Bilingual Education Programs

Bring a dual language or immersion program to your school. Provide students with authentic instruction from native speakers of Spanish or Mandarin.

Why add language immersion to your school? Bilingual learners benefit from:

  • Better academic performance
  • More career opportunities
  • Greater cultural awareness

Learning a new language also aids critical thinking and logic. Schools using our program report dual language students outperforming regular education by 20-40%.

Add a dual language immersion program as part of your Global Program, or try it on its own. Our Partnerships team can help you decide.

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Participate Ambassadors

Cultural exchange is a great way to make connections to the wider world. By hosting an international teacher, you open the door to greater global competency among your students and community.

For over 30 years, we have supported educators looking for opportunities to teach abroad, connecting them with our partner schools in the USA.

Our process covers:

  • Recruiting teachers from nearly 30 countries
  • Credential evaluation
  • Visa sponsorship
  • Placement in three US states
  • Ongoing support for teacher success

Address recruiting challenges while broadening horizons – learn more about our program or contact us to place a teacher in your school.

Graphic showing the US states of Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, where international teachers can be placed via Participate.