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We’re the leaders in global education

All learners deserve access to quality education that prepares them to succeed in an increasingly global society.

Participate Learning strives to be a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens that empowers learners to engage with the world around them. As a proud B Corporation, we promise to support educators as they actively participate in learning communities, ignite change and create impact on a global scale.

Participate Learning's Mission: Ensure equitable and inclusive access to quality education

Our journey

For 30 years, educators have used Participate Learning’s professional development and curriculum, language acquisition and cultural exchange teacher programs to create engaging learning environments that integrate technology, cultural literacy and other 21st century skills into classroom instruction. We strive to support teachers, school leaders and districts in the endeavor of developing open-minded, curious citizens.

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  • 1987: Participate Learning, formerly known as Visiting International Faculty, then VIF International Education, was founded to celebrate and promote the value of international perspectives in U.S. education.
  • 1990s: We placed and supported thousands of international K-12 teachers in U.S. classrooms, and have since become the largest designated U.S. Department of State Exchange Visitor Program sponsor. Our teacher selection and support staff have more than 50 years of combined experience supporting effective cultural exchange opportunities.
  • Early 2000s: We began to leverage our cultural exchange and teacher support experience to create additional global education and language acquisition programs and services, expanding our commitment to the success of all educators and an established belief in the importance of exposing K-12 students to intercultural experiences.
  • 2010s: Teachers in our programs gained more support through the use of our online, collaborative professional development platform. This platform connects educators from around the world, allowing them to grow professionally through courses, while discovering new resources and ideas they can incorporate into their instruction.
  • 2017: VIF International Education changed its company name to Participate in order to more accurately reflect our current programs and services, today and in the years to come.

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Learning without limits

Every moment in the past 30 years has served as a learning opportunity for us, pushing Participate Learning into a space that is more helpful and accessible for learners around the world.

We strive to empower educators to create innovative, open learning environments that encourage curiosity. Learners with cultural awareness, creative thinking and problem-solving skills will be equipped to thrive in an increasingly global marketplace.

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