About Participate Learning

Uniting our world through global education

Today’s students need access to education that not only ensures college and career-readiness, but that also enables them to lead and thrive in the world community and global marketplace.

Participate Learning is your partner for implementing global education in K-12 schools. We are committed to empowering educators to strengthen student outcomes and promote cultural understanding at home and abroad.

Who are we and what do we do at Participate Learning?

We’re passionate about uniting our world through global learning. Many of us are former teachers, principals, or school district leaders. All of us believe that global education is a catalyst for changing lives. Together, we can prepare students to be highly-engaged contributors to a peaceful and united world.

We’re proud to support schools and districts as they develop open-minded and curious citizens. Our high quality, equitable education programs inspire curiosity and provide students with a competitive advantage to succeed in a global marketplace.

As a B Corporation, we are a force for good for students, schools, and communities.

Our vision is to develop global citizenship among today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders. Our mission is to unite our world through global learning.

Our programs

To drive our mission forward, Participate Learning offers programs for:


In 2019, we spun off our professional development platform and committed to focus on what has been our mission for over 30 years: uniting our world through global learning.

As Participate Learning, we are proud to serve nearly 22,000 students, 1,000 visiting international teachers, and 3,000 local educators in more than 400 schools across the country—and we aim to support even more.

Our journey

  • 1987: Participate Learning, formerly known as Visiting International Faculty and later VIF International Education, was founded to celebrate and promote the value of international perspectives in U.S. education.
  • 1990s: We placed and supported thousands of international K-12 teachers in U.S. classrooms, and have since become one of the largest U.S. Department of State Exchange Visitor Program sponsors in the teacher category.
  • Early 2000s: We began to use our expertise to create additional global education and language acquisition programs.
  • 2010s: Teachers in our programs gained more support and connection through the use of our online, collaborative professional development platform.
  • 2017: VIF International Education changed its company name to Participate in order to more accurately reflect our current programs and services, today and in the years to come.
  • 2019: Participate divided into two companies, Participate Learning and Participate Inc.

Always learning, always growing

Every moment in the past 30 years has served as a learning opportunity for us. As we learn and grow, we can do more to support teachers, school leaders, and students. Participate Learning is now an established resource for global education.

Our development hasn’t gone unnoticed. Awards won by the company include:

Join our mission

Get in touch with our experienced team to learn more about our programs for schools and districts.

  • Ambassador program: Place an experienced visiting international teacher from one of 30+ countries in your school.
  • Dual language program: Prepare your students for a global future with dual language immersion in either Spanish or Mandarin.
  • Global leaders program: Enhance your curriculum and improve student achievement with global concepts.


If you’re interested in working for Participate Learning, check out open positions on our Careers page.

Or, if you’re an international teacher who would like to teach in the USA, start by learning more about the process and how we support you.

Not one of the above and still need more info about Participate Learning? Contact us.