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International educators holding their home country’s flag after arriving to teach in the usa

Teach in the USA

Gain international experience. Achieve personal and professional growth. Unite our world.

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Teachers in the Participate Learning program pose and hold the flag of their home country

The Experience

Adventure. Exploration. Travel.


Teaching with Participate Learning is more than a job opportunity. It provides personal growth and development.


You’ll also be a cultural ambassador embarking on a journey of cultural exchange. You will share your traditions with your new community, help plan events to celebrate your favorite holidays, and serve as a role model and mentor. Inspire U.S. students to explore the wider world by becoming an Ambassador Teacher.

Signing bonus for Spanish Immersion elementary teachers

Teacher helps students improve their Spanish language proficiency

What positions are available?

There are opportunities to teach primary school as well as world languages (including English as a Second Language). All positions are full-time and salaried, and we recruit different subjects from each country. Competitive health benefits are also included.

Participate Learning icon of exchange program locations: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina

Where are the schools?

Participate Learning partners with schools in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. All three states are in the Southeast USA. Placements are in rural, suburban, or urban settings. Schools are carefully evaluated for suitability and need.


Each state offers unique local experiences. Outdoor activities, food, music, and cultural pursuits abound.


Be prepared for an adventure that will expand your horizons in more ways than one.

Participate Learning icon of North Carolina and its major cities of Charlotte and Raleigh

North Carolina

North Carolina stretches 500 miles wide. Many people enjoy hiking or other outdoor activities. If you enjoy gastronomy, North Carolina is famous for its barbecue.

Participate Learning icon of South Carolina and its major cities of Columbia and Charleston

South Carolina

South Carolina is best known for its beaches. The state capital and largest city, Columbia, hosts many special events and festivals. Fishing is popular at nearby Lake Murray.

Participate Learning icon of Virginia and its major cities of Richmond and Virginia Beach


As one of the original 13 colonies, Virginia is home to many historic landmarks. Outdoors enthusiasts can visit the Shenandoah Valley and part of the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountain ranges.

Teacher Stories

Participate Learning gives me a chance to see the world like no tourist can, to see it on a global perspective, and from another educational point of view. And that excites me.”

Ambassador Teacher from The Philippines

What has stuck out for me is just the range of people who are here doing Participate Learning. I’ve met people from Jamaica, The Philippines, China, Belize… It’s been amazing to make those connections with people.”

Ambassador Teacher from the United Kingdom

“The sharing of my culture while learning about other cultures has added a new depth to my teaching/learning experience in a positive way. I see where I have developed into a much more confident and purposeful educator that sparks an interest and engagement among my students that results in personal and academic growth.”

Ambassador Teacher
Annual Program Survey, 2022

I am completely grateful for my Participate Learning Community. I have been inspired by all the growth professional opportunities and for pushing us to keep being a better version of ourselves day by day.”

Ambassador Teacher from Colombia
Ambassador Teachers in a meeting learning about the benefits of teaching in the USA

Fees and salary

Participate Learning does not charge fees to teachers to apply to our program or participate in it. Click below for more information on costs and fees related to the process, including:

  • Estimated monthly pay
  • Cost of living in the USA
  • Taxes
  • Salary and benefits
  • Other costs
Participate learning icon highlighting the advantages of international teaching jobs

Experience the Difference

Participate Learning is a designated sponsor of the U.S. Department of State Exchange Visitor Program in the teacher category, now known as BridgeUSA.


Since 1987, we have hosted over 17,000 BridgeUSA teachers who traveled to the U.S. to absorb American culture and values while sharing those of their home country.


Ambassador Teachers maximize their cultural exchange experience through activities, events, and offerings across four categories:


  • Connections
  • Cultural experiences
  • Leadership
  • Learning
Baucom Elementary’s international teachers smile in front of a colorful wall mural

What happens after you’re accepted?

We’re here for you and understand the challenges of an international move. Participate Learning supports you every step of the way with:


  • Visa applications – including spouse and family
  • Relocation preparation
  • Training sessions
  • Online support
  • Arrival orientation
  • Professional development
  • Settling into your new community
  • Ongoing assistance throughout your stay
Want to refer a teacher to teach in the usa? Learn more about Participate Learning’s Teacher Referral Program!

Do you want to refer a teacher?

Our programs wouldn’t be possible without our visiting international teachers who share their culture and experience. We’re always looking for more!


Previous and current Ambassador Teachers can refer a fellow teacher to our program and earn cash rewards if that teacher is accepted.

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