Dual language programs

Unlock the world for your students by providing authentic exposure to rich language experiences through our dual language programs.

Our dual language programs target language instruction to build strong foundations in biliteracy development in English and Spanish or in English and Mandarin. Each program is tailored to your school and is supported by our team of program managers. The programs are implemented for Spanish and Mandarin immersion and are available at both the K-5 elementary level and 6-8 middle school level.

Spanish Solutions

Mandarin Solutions

How our dual language programs work

Our dual language programs feature rigorous implementation, as well as quality programming and instructional support. At the elementary level, language learning through dual language immersion can be implemented using the full immersion model or 50/50 model, depending on the needs of each school.

At the middle school level, language is taught as an elective to support post-immersion and heritage language learners as they transition out of elementary school and prepare for the rigors of high school.

Experience the benefits of a
Participate Learning partnership

Participate Learning is a leader in global education offerings, and our dual language programs provide lasting benefits to the students in schools that partner with us. Students in our dual language programs consistently score higher on EOG tests than their peers who are not in programs.*


Students in North Carolina in our dual language programs outperform the state average on target language proficiency exams.**


dual language average test scores on reading and math

Dual language programs transform schools

When schools partner with Participate Learning to implement a dual language program, the entire school is transformed.

“Her school day is the same as a traditional 1st graders. She arrives at school and learns all of the traditional subjects, but her teachers are speaking Spanish. She started kindergarten in this way and she absolutely loves her teachers and her learning experience. This year her teachers are from Costa Rica and Colombia and while I don’t speak Spanish fluently, I have been able to help her with her Spanish so far with the knowledge that I have from high school and college classes.”

– Audra Krieg, dual language parent in Dare County, NC


“I did the Participate Learning program at EE Miller Elementary School in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Speaking another language has always made me feel more interconnected in the world because I have been able to communicate and build relationships with people I wouldn’t have been able to if I wasn’t fluent in Spanish. As a junior in high school, I can now take 300-level college courses through Cumberland County’s early college program.This will allow me to graduate high school with enough credits to obtain an Associate’s degree in Spanish.”

– Morgan Jordan, former dual language student


Reinvent your learning environment

We partner with schools and districts to:

  • Provide education that enriches students’ minds and their futures
  • Strengthen cognitive skills
  • Immerse students in second language learning – bilingual and biliterate
  • Enhance curricula, instruction, and professional development
  • Access professional development including Communities of Practice
  • Equip students with diverse, inclusive, and equitable learning experiences
  • Cultivate global competencies that enable students to lead and thrive in the world community and global marketplace
  • Foster global citizenship and connectedness

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