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Employee Spotlight: Molly Richey

Participate Learning partners with schools and districts to strengthen academic outcomes for all students. Through dual language and global leaders programs, students experience the world without ever leaving the classroom.

To ensure program success, Participate Learning connects schools to highly qualified international teachers. These educators share their language and cultural experiences each day in their classroom.

Program managers and instructional specialists guide teachers every step of the way. They provide regular in-person site visits, professional development, and virtual coaching. Read on to learn more about our program manager, Molly Richey, and all the ways she supports dual language educators and programs.

A Day in the Life

One of the most rewarding, and most challenging aspects of Molly’s role is the unpredictability of her day-to-day work. Some days she travels to schools for teacher observations and coaching. She also meets with administrators to ensure programs are going well.

She enjoys seeing teachers’ creativity and the ways they share their culture. “I love being able to see them at work, doing what they are passionate about and witnessing the joy they bring to the program and the students,” she said.

Other days she creates teacher professional development and collaborates with colleagues. Whatever she is juggling that day, Molly’s goal is to empower educators.

An Early Love of Language

Molly had an interest in language learning from an early age. Her eighth grade Spanish teacher fostered her love of the language and culture. A trip to Spain during this time solidified her commitment to using Spanish in her professional life as an adult.

Molly has done just that, working as a dual language educator. She also collaborated with her district’s administrators to help their own program succeed. Her diverse experiences prepared her well in her role at Participate Learning.

A Deep Commitment to the Mission

Participate Learning’s mission and values resonate with Molly deeply. “I truly believe that bringing global awareness and education, especially those schools and students who otherwise would not have access, is of the utmost importance,” she said.

She believes all students should be able to learn new languages and cultures to expand their global perspective. Molly is excited to continue supporting dual language programming and teachers.

“I feel truly lucky to work for a company whose work contributes to the greater good of the world.”


Thanks to the hard work of employees like Molly and the entire staff services team, our staff and Ambassador Teachers have the support they need to build meaningful relationships with students, partners, and each other. For more information on how you can connect with us, join our United We Teach Community of Practice and follow us on social media.

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