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Participate Learning Earns Communitas Award for Leadership in Ethical and Environmental Responsibility

Award acknowledges the company’s commitment to implementing sustainable business practices and empowering students and educators to positively impact the world

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — May 31, 2024 — Participate Learning, a leader in providing education solutions to K-12 schools, was named a Communitas Award winner in the category of Leadership in Ethical and Environmental Responsibility. This recognition honors companies that put the spirit of communitas into daily operations through social, economic and environmental initiatives.

The Communitas Awards are an international effort to recognize the spirit of “communitas”—people helping people. Communitas winners are recognized for specific programs involving volunteerism, philanthropy or ethical, sustainable business practices. Nominees are evaluated based on the extent and effectiveness of their programs.

“This award showcases our dedication to making a positive impact on our employees, the environment and society as a whole,” said Participate Learning CEO David Young. “While we prioritize ethical business practices and environmental responsibility within the company, our greatest impact can be found in the teaching philosophy and practices of our partner teachers.” 

Participate Learning’s achievements as a leader in ethical and environmental responsibility begin with the company’s solutions. Offerings that include Dual Language immersion, Global Leaders, and Ambassador Teachers engage tens of thousands of students, helping them develop a combination of attitudes, skills and knowledge that empower them to pay attention to the world, feel connected to it and take action to make it a better place. 

Participate Learning also strives to improve the environmental performance of daily business operations with a green office policy that governs areas such as waste management, energy conservation and charitable outreach. Further, the company creates a welcoming environment for employees by recruiting and supporting a workforce with diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experiences.

Communitas Awards was started in 2010 as an outgrowth of the pro bono recognition program of the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), a group of several thousand members that honors creative achievement and fosters partnerships with charities and community organizations. As part of its mission, AMCP provides grants to community organizations and underwrites a large portion of Communitas’ expenses.

“By recognizing individuals, organizations and companies for their volunteerism and socially responsible business practices, we are hoping to not only bring attention to the great programs, but are working with community minded leaders to make the spirit of communitas an essential part of every business,” said Ed Dalheim, executive director of AMCP.

At Participate Learning, we foster cultural and language connections that empower students and educators to positively impact their communities and the world. In service to that mission, we have partnered with schools and districts since 1987 to improve student outcomes; bring diverse perspectives to schools through cultural exchange and our Ambassador Teachers program; build Spanish and Mandarin Dual Language Programs that support academic achievement, bilingualism and biliteracy; and cultivate real-world competencies that prepare students for their future careers and a more interconnected world. Together, we can create a better future for students.

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