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Teaching Global Competency through Children’s Stories

A teacher in the School District of Palm Beach County, Kate Strein epitomizes the spirit of global education. She recently presented at the latest Actionable Innovations Global GLOW (Global Learning for an Open World) conference. This is not the first time, and probably won’t be the last, that Kate has taken the initiative to share her global learning expertise with others. Kate’s school, Jupiter Middle School, partners with Participate Learning to implement the Global Leaders framework. Her role as the global lead in support of implementing the framework at her school is just part of the globally focused work she does. “I am passionate about the [Sustainable Development Goals], working towards the goals in my own life, and educating others about them and implementing them into my classroom,” Kate says. Her presentation at the GLOW conference emphasized the significance of sharing global learning know-how.

Growing global leaders through storytelling

During GLOW, Kate illuminated the path to integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into classroom learning through the power of children’s stories. She showcased the story Aida’s Violin, demonstrating how this 40-page children’s book can be a impactful tool for identifying SDGs and traits of global leaders within its narrative. Her approach is not just about reading and story elements; it’s about engaging students in a journey of discovery, connecting them with global issues through the characters and situations in the story. 

Kate’s method revolves around using stories such as Aida’s Violin as a springboard for deeper discussion, helping students recognize and understand the SDGs in a context that is relatable and compelling. This innovative approach aims to cultivate global competence and encourage action-taking skills among students, ensuring they not only learn about global challenges but also feel empowered to contribute to solutions.

The importance of having the right tools for teaching the SDGs

The presentation went beyond storytelling, offering an abundance of resources, activities, and lesson plans tailored to weaving the SDGs into various educational contexts. Kate emphasized the importance of equipping educators with the right tools and strategies to foster an environment of global learning and awareness. She proposed methods for educators to create their own children’s stories centered on SDGs, providing ideas for differentiation and cross-curricular activities that can adapt to diverse learning environments. 

Her strategies are designed to not only educate but also inspire students and nurture a generation of informed, empathetic, and proactive global leaders. This session stands as a testament to the power of innovative teaching methods in bridging the gap between local classrooms and global issues, echoing the core values of Participate Learning in promoting global learning.

Kate Strein’s practical approach to teaching the Sustainable Development Goals makes inspiring global action accessible to everyone. Keep up with her educational journey for a regular dose of inspiration by following her on X (formerly Twitter) at @Streinsclass—a great resource for teachers and advocates of global learning.

Uniting Our World Project Donations initiative 

As a teacher within the Participate Learning Network, Kate was eligible to apply for the Uniting Our World Project Donations initiative. This initiative is an exciting opportunity for educators to enhance their global education or language learning classroom projects. We grant up to five $100 donations per month to fund projects that connect with Participate Learning’s mission of uniting our world!

Kate submitted her literacy project for consideration. She received a donation, and she used the money awarded to fund the SDG projects discussed in her presentation.

We accept submissions from any teacher within the Participate Learning Network. If you are an Ambassador Teacher or a U.S. partner teacher in a school that implements a Participate Learning Dual Language Program or the Global Leaders framework, your project is eligible for consideration. 

We can’t wait to learn about the projects you’re working on in your classroom and how you’re teaching your students to be curious and engaged global learners.

For more details and to submit your project for consideration, check out the announcements in your community of practice. Your innovative ideas are what drive this initiative forward. Let’s create a brighter future together.

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