6-8 language learning
(Spanish in middle school)

Welcome to Conexiones

Conexiones is a secondary dual language program that ensures continued growth in Spanish language proficiency while cultivating global competencies in post-immersion and heritage language learners.

Spanish outside the classroom

Through its emphasis on project-based learning, the Conexiones program helps prepare students to become active contributors to society, working together to become career-ready, while developing Spanish language proficiency. By working with their local communities and connecting with classrooms abroad, students are cultivating global competencies, learning about different cultures, and gaining the necessary skills to become bilingual global leaders.

Why choose Conexiones for your middle school?

Ensure growth in language proficiency.

Conexiones supports students as they transition out of elementary school immersion programs and prepare for the rigors of secondary school. The program is flexible and can be incorporated into a variety of schedules.

Expand heritage Spanish speakers’ language skills.

Conexiones builds on the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of heritage speakers, all while exploring the cultures of Spanish-speaking communities from around the world.

Prepare students to lead and thrive in a global community.

With a project-based curriculum, Conexiones empowers students to use their language skills to make the world a better place while completing projects grounded in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Conexiones Model UN debates: Global citizenship in action

The Model UN is a simulated debate where participants assume the role of representatives from different countries and discuss issues related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a United Nations assembly. It encourages language development and global citizenship, as middle school students participate in the debate in the target language and use their critical thinking skills to brainstorm solutions to global problems with their peers.

See where they are now

When we provide opportunities to our students, their achievements and passion for the world know no limits.

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