Participate Schools

Join the largest network of schools driving teachers and students to ignite change in their communities and the world.

Participate schools have the benefits of a global curriculum and dual language immersion that impact student growth.

K-12 schools use our resources and services as a framework for school-wide planning, curriculum design and classroom instruction.

Dual Language / Immersion

Participate recruits international teachers to provide instruction in their native language (Spanish or Mandarin). Immersion programs can take either of the following two forms:

  • Full immersion model: 90% of instruction is delivered in the target language
  • 50/50 model: Instruction is split between the target language and English

Learning another language builds cognitive skills students need to succeed. Research shows students in bilingual environments have higher executive functions, empathy and reading comprehension levels. Speaking another language also increases students’ ability to focus and prioritize tasks.

Educators in Participate’s immersion programs teach core subjects in the target language. Instruction begins in kindergarten and goes to fifth grade.

Thorough implementation and instructional support are cornerstones of Participate programs.

Get started with bilingual immersion at your school.

Benefits of the Participate Schools program

Raise student and teacher engagement

According to Participate’s 2017 Impact Report, 81% of teachers said “a vision for global learning has been developed through an effective collaboration among staff, students and stakeholders.” Students and teachers engage in real-world problem solving and critical thinking.

Increase student achievement

Students in Participate’s immersion programs consistently score higher on standardized tests than their non-immersion peers. Research shows bilingual people have an easier time with key brain functions like decision-making and reading comprehension. For more information, download our Benefits of a Bilingual Brain infographic in English or Spanish.

Prepare students for the future.

Participate’s 2017 Impact Report found that 93% of teachers reported changing their practice to include real-world challenges, which helps develop cultural literacy and global awareness in students.

Retain teaching staff and build a positive school culture

Teachers in Participate schools consistently report higher levels of satisfaction with professional learning, school culture and leadership opportunities, all key indicators for retention. Attracting and retaining high-quality teachers is essential for student growth and keeping recruitment costs down.

“Participate has been a game changer in my teaching career. It has lit a fire in me and has created a passion for global learning that I didn’t even know I had.”


Sandra Bays
Teacher at Elon Elementary

What does a school program include?

Instructional support

  • Professional development courses
  • Instructional coaching and support
  • A library of curated classroom resources
  • Collaborative learning opportunities
  • Classroom observations
  • Classroom kits and instructional materials

Leadership development

  • Mentoring for principals
  • Teacher leader training
  • Strategic planning and implementation support
  • Annual symposium for school leaders
Graphic of books and learning materials

Assessments and evaluation

  • A customized evaluation plan
  • Quarterly program health reports
  • End-of-year impact study
  • Benchmark assessments
  • Assessments in the target language

School connections

  • Community outreach support
  • Student recruitment and enrollment support
  • Classroom partnerships
  • Access to a network of global schools
Customized reports for global schools