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With fluency in a second language, your child’s opportunities are endless.

Participate Learning provides exposure to global concepts and cultures without students ever having to leave their school. Our dual language program has a significant impact on student achievement, schools, and communities. Our K-5 dual language program targets language instruction to build strong foundations in biliteracy development in English and Spanish. A separate program at the middle school level provides opportunities for continued growth and preparation for advanced foreign language classes.

“These programs provide great benefit for our students and their families, broadening the application of their educational experience to a world far beyond our county borders.”

– Anita Alpenfels, Moore County Schools

Language learning from native speakers

Our language immersion teachers are highly qualified and experienced educators from 14 different Spanish-speaking countries. These ambassadors come from diverse backgrounds, bringing a rich cultural knowledge to their classroom each day, which ensures students are taught in an authentic language environment.

K-5 language learning and immersion

Our dual language programs feature rigorous implementation, as well as quality programming and instructional support. At the elementary level, language learning through dual language immersion can take either of the following two forms:

Full immersion model

In the full immersion model, 90 percent of instruction is delivered in Spanish, the target language.

90/10 dual language model

50/50 model

In the 50/50 immersion model, instruction is balanced between the target language, Spanish, and English in equal parts.

Our 50/50 dual language model in Spanish

Advantages as a dual language student

  • Bilingual and biliterate
  • Increased cultural understanding
  • Enhanced cognitive skills
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Proven performance on standardized tests
  • Preparation for a global society and marketplace

“This is a terrific program and a wonderful opportunity for the children. The biggest benefit is not simply the acquisition of a second language, but the use of higher-order thinking skills.”

— Janet Mayers, Elon Elementary School parent

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Bilingualism and fluency in multiple languages continue to be highly sought after skills in the U.S. job market. Students have the greatest chance to start learning a second language during early childhood when their brains are primed for language acquisition.

To continue on the path to fluency, students need to continue using their language skills. How can we bridge the gap between elementary immersion opportunities and language classes offered at the high school level?

6-8 language learning
(Spanish in middle school)


Conexiones is a program that ensures continued growth in Spanish language proficiency while cultivating global competencies in post-immersion and heritage language learners. Conexiones supports these students as they transition out of elementary school and prepare for the rigors of middle school and advanced language courses in high school.

Spanish outside the classroom

The Conexiones program empowers students to use their language skills to communicate authentically, learn about different cultures, and make connections across disciplines and issues. Students learn competencies by completing projects centered on the Sustainable Development Goals. By working on these projects in their local community and connecting with classrooms abroad, students are actively changing their future while gaining the necessary skills to become bilingual global leaders.

Benefits for middle school students

  • Ensures growth in language proficiency
  • Expands heritage Spanish speakers’ language skills
  • Prepares students to lead and thrive in a global community

Through its emphasis on project-based learning, the Conexiones curriculum helps prepare students to become active contributors to society, working together to create a peaceful and connected world, while developing Spanish language proficiency.

Benefits for program partners

  • Flexible options for Professional development and instructional support
  • AAPPL testing for participating 8th grade students included
  • Support for districts who want to implement the Credit by Demonstrated Mastery process for exiting 8th grade students
  • Grade-level specific lists of suggested and required instructional resources
  • Global leadership framework and dual language kits containing branded and instructional classroom materials
  • Guide on how to conduct a variety of virtual exchanges with students in other countries

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When we provide opportunities to our students, their achievements and passion for the world know no limits.

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