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Five Ways to Prepare for A Second Virtual Interview

What do I need to do before the interview?

1. Complete the lesson plan by downloading the Participate Learning template here.

Complete and bring your lesson plan to the interview. The goal is to walk your interviewer through the lesson plan you prepared in no more than 10 minutes. Prepare a presentation which allows the interviewer to have a good understanding of what the lesson would have looked like if they would have seen it in person.


During the call, you can share any materials you would use to enhance your lesson. For this part of the interview, you will also be able to share your screen, if there is any material that you would like us to observe as you tell us about your lesson.


Some teachers may be interviewing for positions to teach world languages (Spanish/French/ESL/others). Even if this is the case, all lessons should be in English and it should be for the grade level where you have most of your teaching experience.


For primary teachers: we prefer to see a lesson in math, science, or language arts.


For secondary teachers: you can choose any topic from a lesson you have recently taught.


2. Write a sample letter to parents.

Write a sample letter to parents using no more than 500 words (typically no more than one page). This letter can be completed in a Word or PDF document. Follow this prompt to complete the task:


“You have arrived in the U.S. and have been allocated your class(es) and teaching schedule. You have completed all the professional development prior to the start of school and you are feeling confident to teach in the United States.


The Principal has asked you to write a letter to the parents and/or guardians of the students in your class(es), introducing yourself and providing information that you think is relevant.


Possible topics might include: a description of your teaching approach, your educational and professional experiences, your general plan for the year (you can be creative with those details since you don’t know the specifics at this time), your approach to parent-teacher communication, and/or any other information that you think is relevant”.


3. Upload Lesson plan and sample letter to parents to the Document Portal:

The lesson plan and sample letter should be uploaded to the “Lesson plan & Letter to parents” item in the Document List in your  Document Portal in the admissions community, at least one day before your interview. Please also have them handy during your interview in case you are asked to share them with your interviewer again.


4. Review the Admissions Community of Practice:

Don’t forget to join the online admissions community of practice. In the resources section, review the “Admissions Process, all you need to know” information. Refer to step 4: Your second interview and to the chapter Admissions Frequently Asked Questions in the community to read more about your next steps in your process and additional information/tips on your next interview.


5. Do a technical check.

Before your interview, test the sound, video, and lighting. Make sure the battery for your device is fully charged. Avoid having a bright light or window directly behind you. If possible, have a backup device ready in case you run into technical difficulties.