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Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight – Gloria Lindo

We recently asked alumna Gloria Lindo to tell us what she has been doing since leaving the program, and what some of her fondest memories were from her time teaching in the United States. Read below for Gloria’s responses!

Reflecting on her experience teaching in the U.S.

Q: What grade level did you teach?
A: I taught High School Spanish, grades 9-12.

Q: What school(s) did you teach at?
A: I taught at Bath County High School in Hot Springs, Virginia.

Q: What inspired you to apply to teach in the U.S.?
A: As an English teacher in Colombia, I wanted to see and learn about the culture and experience what it’s like to live in the context in which the language is spoken. I was inspired by a series I saw on TV when I was a little girl that showed the differences in how people lived and interacted with each other compared to my home country.

Q: What did you enjoy most about your time teaching in the U.S.?
A: Hot Springs, Virginia was a little town, and everyone knew that I was coming from Colombia to be the new Spanish teacher. Despite being new in town, I really enjoyed the way that everyone in the community accepted me and made me feel welcome.

What life looks like after returning home

Q: Where are you now? Are you living in your home country, another country, or did you go somewhere else?
A: I am now living back in Colombia! I would love to eventually travel back to the U.S. to visit my daughter who now lives there with her husband.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your family! Do you have a spouse and/or children?
A: I am married and I have two children—Viviana and Felipe.

Are you a former Participate Learning alumna or alumnus? Visit our ambassador alumni page for resources and to stay connected to other teachers who completed the program through our community of practice.

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