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Ambassador Teachers Reflect at Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving fast-approaching, people all around the country are reflecting on the things for which they are grateful. In true Thanksgiving fashion, our ambassador teachers and alumni are sharing the many things that they’re thankful for this year. Hear from them to learn what cultural exchange has brought to their lives in 2018!

“I am grateful for my school because it provides me with the opportunity to mold young lives on a daily basis. My students impact me daily in that I get to share my knowledge while learning from them in the teaching and learning process. My colleagues keep me grounded and provide the opportunity for us to work collaboratively to change impressionable lives, while improving and enhancing our pedagogical skills.
Sharon McAdam-Bennett, Jamaica

“I am thankful for having the opportunity every day of teaching a second language to my students, for being able to learn and improve my teaching style by learning every day from my mistakes and my colleagues.”
Johanna Hernandez, Colombia

“I am very grateful for every single experience I have in this teaching and cultural experience in the United States. I feel I have been growing up as an international teacher. My multicultural students have given me tons of opportunities to better understand better all the differences among cultural traditions. My school became like my home, it is full of great people willing to help when needed. I really feel proud to be part of this great Participate Learning team. I am also almost done with my masters which is a big gain in my life.”
Diego Marulanda, Colombia

“I feel grateful to my school because Odell Elementary is just like what it says: the greatest school! Teachers are harmonious at work and like a family after work. I feel grateful to be in this lovely working environment.”
Wei Zhang, China

“I have learned over the past several years that I often don’t have to look very far past my own classroom to find all kinds of experts. Tapping into the resources of my peers has opened up treasure stores of knowledge, experience, wisdom, and practice. My colleagues share abundantly, and their high standard for competence, growth, and dedication inspires me.”
Deissy Leon, Colombia

“I am grateful for my school family because they became my real family when I was far from home. My administration and teachers welcomed me into their homes for holidays and gave me my first pieces of furniture. Over the years, the school has been more than a place of work. It has become home.”
Marie Montero-Mitrani, Philippines

“I’m grateful for my students because they make my life much better each day. They work so hard and are so respectful. I’m so glad I am their teacher and I can share my culture with them and their families.”
Andrea Vargas, Colombia

“I am grateful for my students who teach me something new every day, make me laugh if I’m sad, show me that our problems might not be as big as we think, and show me how lucky I am to be their teacher. I’m thankful for my colleagues who have shown me the good and the bad in teaching, by laughing and thinking and building a friendship that I know will last forever.”
Arantxa Morillo, Venezuela

“I am thankful for the emotional, social, and professional support of my grade level team and administrator at East Elementary School. Without their constant guide, I might not be able to come out strong and effective with my teaching and personal relationship with my students and their families.”
Anna Samson, Philippines

“My school provides me the chance to teach and to share my culture. It also allows me to impact the younger generation in a positive way. My student make me feel proud and made me a better teacher by learning with them. My coworkers are amazing people who feel what I feel, are there for me when I need anything and makes my work life wonderful.”
Yao Yao, China

At Participate Learning, we are grateful for our ambassador teachers and the commitment they bring to their school districts and local communities. They are a major part of our vision to unite our world through global learning, and we can’t thank them enough for their dedication to providing a quality global education for all.

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