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Celebrate International Education Week

International Education Week, which runs November 14–18, celebrates the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. This annual event—which is jointly sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education—draws extra attention to programs that prepare Americans to succeed in a global environment while also providing a deeper understanding of the United States through exchange experiences for future leaders from abroad.

Participate Learning organized some special events for International Education Week for the more than 1,500 Ambassador Teachers working in 430 schools in three states to provide cultural interaction—along with excellent instruction—every week of the school year.

Both Ambassador Teachers and partner schools have been invited to hold special global programs outlined in materials provided by Participate Learning. There are a wide range of suggested activities, such as hosting an international speaker, sharing global education resources, or teaching a song and dance from another country. Schools and Ambassador Teachers are invited to share their activities from the week on social media.

Teaching global lessons and understanding other cultures are key parts of what Participate Learning offers partner schools. One recent example of such lessons came around Halloween, when teachers taught how people in different countries honor the dead. You can read more about that here.

As the largest J-1 visa organization for K–12 exchange teachers, Participate Learning takes great pride in its 35-year history of success in providing enhanced education opportunities for U.S. students and great experiences for highly qualified exchange teachers. The concept of “exchange” is deeply embedded in all of the values that Participate Learning espouses; the Ambassador Teachers who come to the U.S. to teach not only provide their U.S. students with exposure to their home cultures, but they also bring American culture back to their students at home, once their commitment to teach in the U.S. has ended.

This instruction and cultural exchange come in many forms. Whether it’s conducting a dual language or immersion program, supporting an Ambassador Teacher, or through Global Leaders, Participate Learning focuses on its mission of uniting the world through global learning. Participate Learning partners with over 1,500 teachers from 32 countries in 430 schools across three states. Our Ambassador Teachers reach and teach over 70,000 students each day—inspiring future global leaders and preparing them to be compassionate and empathetic change agents within their communities and beyond.

To get a window into what these experiences look and even sound like, one place to go is Twitter, where hundreds of Participate Learning’s Ambassador Teachers post glimpses into their classrooms. Click here to see the impact Ambassador Teachers are having on students year-round.

Share your International Education Week experience with us on social media using #IEW2022 and #UnitingOurWorld. Don’t forget to explore the hashtags to see what teachers and schools across the country are doing to celebrate.

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