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Celebrating Our Newest Participate Learning Teachers of the Year

Throughout the past school year, we have watched with pride as our ambassador teachers have consistently set the bar for what excellence in teaching truly looks like. They have transcended expectations by fostering life-changing educational experiences that expand young minds, open our world, and unite us all for a better tomorrow. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our ambassador teachers for their continued commitment to global education.

Knowing that teachers like these are educating the next generation of global leaders, we finish this school year feeling inspired, proud, and filled with hope for a bright future that places empathy and understanding at the forefront. This year, Participate Learning has recognized three outstanding ambassador teachers as our 2021 Teachers of the Year. Congratulations to our three winners!

Meet Our Ambassador Teachers of the Year

Yanela Ferrer is a third-year ambassador teacher from Argentina. She is currently teaching in a dual-language, first-grade classroom at Marvin B. Smith Elementary in the Alamance-Burlington School System in North Carolina. As a veteran ambassador teacher, she has put her years of experience to good use by finding meaningful ways to give back to other educators.

Whether it was offering tutorials to other dual-language teachers about tech tools, presenting about global themes at summit sessions, or supporting first-year ambassador teachers as a local adviser, Yanela has gone above and beyond to serve her community in tangible ways that allow her to share her passion with others. Yanela remarks, “Being part of educator communities and being connected with fellow educators is my passion. Connect the world, and make it better.”

Maria Florencia Guida is a second-year ambassador teacher from Argentina. She teaches Spanish and Conexiones for middle school students at Sun Valley Middle School in Union County, North Carolina. Over the last year, Maria has continually exceeded expectations, providing countless opportunities for her students to collaborate, innovate, and build connections as they develop into empowered global leaders.

Through facilitating conversations with her fellow teachers, assigning pen pals from other countries to her students, coordinating meetings with international ambassadors, and speaking at conferences, Maria has shown the many benefits of cross-cultural understanding to all who have crossed her path. The assistant principal at her school shares, “Ms. Guida’s drive remains unparalleled, and her courage to conquer and build long-lasting relationships is never disrupted as she continues to strive for success within the school community.”

Paul Guille is a third-year ambassador teacher from the United Kingdom. He teaches in a fourth-grade classroom at Douglas Elementary in Wake County, North Carolina. Last summer, Paul was deeply moved by the demonstrations across the United States and around the world for the Black Lives Matter movement. He, along with a community of his peers, dedicated this year to educating themselves through listening to and learning from Black voices.

Through this work, Paul strives every day to fully embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion so he can celebrate and uplift the identities of every student that walks through his classroom doors. When considering the impact these meaningful conversations had on him over the last year, Paul reflects, “These meetings are some of the most precious opportunities I have had this year to meet with like-minded educators while doing work that is some of the most important I have done in my career to date.”

Participate Learning would like to recognize and congratulate all of our ambassador teachers for their continued dedication to their students, schools, and local communities in the United States. We appreciate all you do to offer welcoming and engaging learning environments that help your students to grow into empathetic, curious global leaders.

Congratulations, once again, to our three Teacher of the Year recipients! For more information on how you can teach with Participate Learning too, check out this web page.

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