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Fall Orientation Weekend Two: A Family of Educators

At Participate Learning, the personal and cultural journey of every one of our Ambassador Teachers is deeply important to us. It’s something that we celebrate with great enthusiasm during our annual Fall Orientation. More than just an event, this annual gathering feels more like a family reunion. It’s a heartfelt get-together, a time when our new Ambassador Teachers come together as a community to exchange stories, navigate through challenges, and cheer for each other’s successes.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes our Fall Orientation such a special experience: 

  • Community Building: It’s simple. We want our Ambassador Teachers to feel like part of a family. We want them to feel that they belong. At Fall Orientation, they get to unwind and reflect on their journey. They create bonds with other educators who’ll lift them up on the tough days and cheer them on during the great ones.
  • Nurturing Global Leadership: We believe each teacher has a unique potential to inspire and bring about change. In our Orientation sessions, we focus on nurturing the leadership abilities of our teachers so that they can make a real difference in their classroom and their community.
  • Mentoring and Guidance: Our teachers know that we’ve got their back with mentors who’ve been exactly where they are. These more experienced Ambassador Teachers come to Orientation to offer practical advice and strategies that new teachers can actually use. We want them to walk away feeling energized and ready to tackle whatever comes next.

If you’re curious about our 2023 North Carolina Fall Orientation, experience it through the perspectives of our dedicated Ambassador Teachers: 

If you’re considering embarking on a teaching journey in the U.S., know this: With Participate Learning, you have a steadfast partner every step of the way. Explore our cultural exchange program and discover how we are committed to your success and growth.

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