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Get Out the Vote: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

At Participate Learning, we are committed to creating global, cultural, and language connections that empower students and educators to positively impact the world. Our programs nurture students as they become empathetic, culturally aware global leaders who think globally and act locally in their communities to create change.

We strive as a company to set the example for our teachers and students by using our voices to be active, participatory citizens in our own communities. As a certified B Corporation, we believe it is our responsibility to use our business as a force for good to ensure Americans know they have the right to vote safely. Read on to learn more about how we are striving to get out the vote this election year.

Encouraging Our Teachers

Many of our teachers are unable to vote in the election because they are not United States citizens, but that does not mean they cannot have an impact on their local communities during this crucial time. We have provided all of our ambassador teachers instructional resources to get their students involved in the election process. Students will learn about the importance of democracy and citizenship and are encouraged to get their parents involved in the conversation too.

Beyond each classroom, many of our partner schools are designated polling places in their communities. This provides the opportunity for our teachers to see firsthand how elections work in the United States and have open discussions with their students about what it means to be an active citizen. For teachers who want to get more involved in the election, they also have a chance to volunteer their time supporting efforts at their local polling place.

Supporting Our Staff

Each employee at Participate Learning has been given eight hours of paid volunteer time to dedicate toward the election effort of their choice. For some, they have chosen to write individualized postcards to eligible unregistered voters around the country to encourage them to use their voice this election. Other employees have signed up to work as poll protectors to ensure that every polling place is running effectively.

For our employees who want to offer their areas of expertise to voting efforts, some have volunteered with Rock the Vote as graphic designers, video editors, and authors. Rock the Vote also offers volunteer opportunities to text voters directly and help them to register so they can ensure their vote is counted.

Uniting Our Organization

As an organization, we have been uniting our individual efforts to make a collective impact on the Participate Learning community. Our employees who are eligible voters signed a voting pledge to signify our commitment to using our voices in this election. We also joined Democracy NC’s Adopt-a-County program to support election efforts in Orange County through staking signs, evaluating polling place locations, and monitoring voting sites.

Participate Learning has also partnered with the Time to Vote Movement, which works to ensure employees don’t have to choose between earning a paycheck and voting. They are a nonpartisan, business-led initiative that is working to increase voter participation by providing company employees with information on all voting options and offering paid time off on election day. We believe that voting should be accessible to everyone so that people feel empowered to make their vote count in every election.

At Participate Learning, we believe that big change is possible when many people take small actions. No matter how you are getting involved this election season, your effort is contributing to making a positive impact on your community. For more information on ways you can participate, check out these resources from the B Corporation community. To learn more about Participate Learning as a B Corp, read this blog post about our journey.

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