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Inside Fall Orientation for First-Year Ambassador Teachers

At Participate Learning, we support our cultural exchange teachers with their professional and personal goals so they can have life-changing experiences. One of the ways we continue Ambassador Teachers’ training is with our annual Fall Orientation. This is a critical time to support teachers as they adjust to their new lives and schools in the U.S. 

Our Fall Orientation aims to set teachers up to succeed for the rest of the school year and beyond. We create space for teachers to reflect on their experiences so far and to continue to build relationships with other teachers. Sessions also focus on expanding their global leadership capacity and connecting teachers to mentors and role models. We want teachers to walk away feeling refreshed and full of new ideas and strategies they can take back to their classrooms. 

Get a glimpse into the Virginia Fall Orientation through the lens of the Ambassador Teachers who were there!

At Participate Learning, we strive to ensure Ambassador Teachers feel supported and empowered so they can maximize their cultural exchange experiences. If you are interested in starting your U.S. teaching journey, learn more about Participate Learning’s cultural exchange program and the support we offer Ambassador Teachers.

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