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International Teachers

Meet the Participate Learning Ambassador Teacher Class of 2028

Each summer, a new class of Participate Learning Ambassador Teachers travels from all corners of the world to begin their journey living and working in the United States. Our Ambassador Teachers take part in meaningful exchange in U.S. classrooms, providing authentic learning opportunities for the students they teach. They are experienced, passionate educators who want to share their heritage and culture with their school community. This year, Participate Learning is welcoming 650 teachers from 32 different countries. Check out the graphic below to learn more about these amazing educators!

Infographic of Participate Learning Ambassador Teachers Fun Facts. Number of countries Ambassador Teachers represent: 32. Top three countries most represented: Colombia, Jamaica, Honduras. Top three most commonly spoken languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese. Total number of Ambassador Teachers: 1859. Total number of teachers in their: First term: 655, Second term: 516, Third term: 383, Fourth term: 56, Fifth term: 249. Number of schools that host Ambassador Teachers across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia: 533.

Note: numbers are subject to change.

Participate Learning is thrilled to welcome the newest Ambassador Teachers to the United States this summer! If you are an educator interested in our program, you can learn about the application process and requirements here.

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