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Resources to connect your students to SDG 15: Life on Land

Forests, farm lands and animals play a huge part in our daily lives. Forests provide habitats for animals, food and are part of the water cycle. Farms and animals are a source of food and livelihood. Animals are an essential part of all ecosystems. Without action, we could lose these crucial resources to deforestation and land degradation. What can young people do to help make life on land more sustainable?

Get started with these free resources and learn alongside your students.

1. Free mini course

Get introduced to this SDG topic with Transform Our World: Life on Land and find more than 60 lesson plans, videos and activities. You can go at your own pace, then connect with and follow experts and create your own resource collection.

In the final part of the course, you will be asked to do a lesson or activity with your students, reflect on the experience and upload evidence of their learning. A trained peer reviewer will leave you feedback and award your digital badge!

2. Printable animal masks

Encourage your students to learn about animals that have a positive impact, including therapy dogs and bees, with this printable mask activity! This activity includes facts about animals and masks that can be colored and cut out. Instructions and a materials list are included.

3. Join a discussion

Join the SDG 15 collaborative discussion to brainstorm and collaborate with other educators also learning about this topic! Ask a question of your own, share a resource or reply to others. You can also message other participants individually to start a conversation or classroom partnership!

4. Quiz: Ecosystems around the world

Test your knowledge about the world’s ecosystems and take this seven-question quiz, then share what you learned with your students!

To learn more about the other Sustainable Development Goals and integrate them into your classroom, explore these additional resources:

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