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Uniting Our World – A Shared Mission

Participate Learning is committed to uniting our world through global learning. Our new, purpose-led mission and messaging, and the bold look that accompanies it, solidifies our commitment to global learning and to students everywhere. As a seven-time winner of Best for the World B-Corporation, we approach education holistically and help maximize impact for schools in our Participate Learning Partnerships and for our ambassador teachers and the students they support.

A return to the globe icon at the forefront of our logo highlights our commitment to making the world a better place. Our bold mission is made possible because of our close partnerships with schools and districts across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. We are committed to expanding our reach to continue connecting teachers and students through global leaders programs and dual language programs. To unite our world through global learning, we will focus on:

Expanding Young Minds

One core focus is student education, which means nurturing students’ minds for a brighter tomorrow. Our global leaders and dual language programs provide students with challenging learning environments that provide opportunities to develop the necessary skills to become change agents.

Furthermore, we believe that an authentic global learning experience has the lasting power to create students that are empathetic, kind leaders who can collaborate in an interconnected society. Students that are educated about the world will grow up as strong advocates of diversity and can champion their own values while creating a better place for us all.

Open Our World

It’s important to us to open our world through cultural exchange and celebrate our similarities and diversity. Our purpose, to unite our world through global learning, is present in every ambassador teacher classroom. The international educators that join our program work tirelessly as ambassadors of their cultures to bring global learning to their students, and their presence changes lives.

Murielle Hutchens, a former ambassador teacher in our program and currently the associate director of Education Programs, works closely with dozens of our partners. In her work, she sees the advantages that global learning gives students every day.


“Our mission is rooted in the ways our ambassador teachers live and teach. In my work, I see firsthand how they are using dual language to transform their classrooms into centers of global learning where their students can explore, learn, and thrive. The ambassador teachers’ passion for culture and language is electric, and their students are actively developing into leaders who will change the world by promoting human kindness. While some days I miss being a dual language teacher, I am so inspired by all of the current (and former, and future!) teachers and how hard they are working to promote global learning through cultural exchange.”

At Participate Learning, we are constantly inspired by the work of our ambassador teachers and partner schools and their unwavering dedication to preparing students for their bright futures.

Together for Tomorrow

We want to help you create a better future for your students. In thirty-three years of business and cultural exchange, we’ve learned that the world will continue to change around us, and we must give our students the education that prepares them to change with it. We must help them develop empathy and nurture their passions. We believe global learning develops global citizens who can make the world a better, more peaceful place.

Since the first days of VIF, when our office was inside a tiny refurbished train car, to last summer’s orientation season in which we welcomed more than three hundred international ambassador teachers from twenty-four countries in a matter of weeks, the beliefs we hold for our work remain the same. When we expand access to global education, doing so will foster human understanding, enrich students’ lives, and unify people to create a more peaceful tomorrow.

Together, we can unite our world. Together, we can tackle our challenges, see past our differences, and collaborate to achieve our shared vision for a world that is peaceful and inclusive for all.

Participate Learning is a force for good that connects teachers and students through comprehensive programs to foster human understanding and create peace around the world. Since 1987, we have partnered with schools and districts to develop cultural competency that prepares students to collaborate in and contribute to the global marketplace. For more information about the work we do, visit our partnerships page.

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