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International Teachers

Uplifting Global Leaders in Times of Crisis

With so much unrest happening in our country, students are faced now more than ever with the responsibility to learn about current events and form their own opinions. This can weigh heavily on developing minds as they try to grasp complex concepts like health care, race, and politics. As you support your students in their efforts to become stronger global leaders, keep in mind that many insights can come simply from making a connection, sharing a perspective, or celebrating differences.

Read on to find out just some of the ways our ambassador teachers are making learning and connecting with their students a positive, engaging experience.

Joining the Adventure

Ambassador teacher Dariela Velasquez was inspired by the beloved children’s book Flat Stanley and decided to create her own version of the book called “Flat Darielas” and sending them to her students. The students were then able to bring their Flat Darielas with them on their various adventures and capture memories with their teacher as if she were there in person. This activity was a fun and engaging way for students to maintain a personal connection with Dariela and keep her updated on their lives, even from a distance.

Practicing Self-Awareness and Gratitude

Johanna Zea from Colombia wanted her students to combine the Spanish language skills gained from her class with the uplifting stories in their lives. Basing the activity on the viral sensation “Some Good News,” her students acted as journalists and found good news stories in their lives and recorded their “Algunas Buenas Noticias” videos in Spanish. Not only did the students gain valuable speaking practice, but they were able to focus on the good news that surrounds them and show gratitude.

Sharing Perspectives and Stories

Adriana Quiros, an ambassador teacher at Jeffrey’s Grove Elementary School in Raleigh, North Carolina, wanted to cheer her students up with a virtual book for them to read. She authored a short book in Spanish that gave a glimpse into her daily life by including Bitmoji illustrations of herself on each page. Her students loved being able to learn more about their teacher, and they had a chance to practice their reading and comprehension skills in Spanish!

Support by Celebrating Successes

Originally from Argentina, ambassador teacher Fiama Liaudat felt that the hard work of her students throughout the school year should be recognized and celebrated, so she threw a virtual end-of-year luau over Zoom. Students were told to wear their best Hawaiian gear and bring snacks for the celebration! Fiama’s class spent their celebration singing, dancing, and playing “Minute to Win It” games while reminiscing about their successes from the school year.

These are just a few ways our ambassador teachers are nurturing their global leaders, encouraging them to develop skills like language learning, empathy, and critical thinking while broadening their perspectives. As an international teacher, you are a living connection between students and the world beyond their neighborhood. You have the power to help students see the good that surrounds them and remain optimistic that they can be change agents for the future.

Participate Learning is a force for good that connects teachers and students through global education programs to foster human understanding and create peace around the world. Our ambassador teachers are at the very heart of this as they work to expand young minds and support students socially, emotionally, and academically.

Have you found creative ways to lift up the students in your classroom? Share it with us by using the hashtag #unitingourworld or tag us on Twitter @Participatelrng.

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