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Employee Spotlight: Krisya Arguedas

At Participate Learning, we believe that our program offerings provide enriching and life-changing educational experiences for students. At the heart of these experiences are our highly qualified and dedicated ambassador teachers from around the world. Their work in US schools develop their students into culturally aware and accepting global leaders.

This would not be possible without the hard work and commitment of our teacher selection team, who interview and place our ambassador teachers into our partner schools. Read on to learn more about the experiences of our dedicated admissions manager, Krisya Arguedas.

Path to Participate Learning

Headshot of Krisya Arguedas

During her time at Participate Learning, Krisya has transitioned through different positions in the selection department. In each of her roles, she has seen her team improve in selecting and advising teachers and take advantage of technology to make the process easier for teachers over the years. She is proud of her team and the growth the company has shown in positioning itself as the leader in global education.

Prior to joining the Participate Learning family, Krisya worked in a service call center trying to meet customer needs and handling difficult conversations. This experience helped her learn about the importance of keeping a positive attitude, listening actively, resolving situations in a timely manner, and maintaining consistency with documentation. These skills made her a perfect fit to join the teacher selection team sixteen years ago, a memory she looks back on fondly.

When talking about a highlight of her position, Krisya said,

“I just love the way we connect with so many teachers around the world through a smooth, well-thought-out process and how we provide them with an opportunity to share their worldview in US communities and schools.”

Deliver Excellent Work

The Participate Learning value that resonates most with Krisya is to deliver excellent work, which is evident in her dedication and commitment to her team. On a typical day, she works closely with her team of admissions specialists in supporting their cases with teachers. She guides them in resolving different situations regarding documentation, certification, interviews, licensures, and visas.

Her role requires a lot of planning and behind-the-scenes work to be able to provide a successful interview for applicants from countries around the world. When selecting teachers, Krisya and her team are very detail-oriented and frequently evaluate themselves to identify ways to improve recruitment and the admissions process each year.

Selection Team Photo

One of her favorite memories with Participate Learning is from orientation a few years ago, when two teachers from Ecuador approached her and thanked her for inspiring them to work on their requirements and apply to teach in the US. These positive comments were very rewarding to Krisya and reminded her that her passion for her work can inspire others to bring the world to their students.

Collaboration and Connection

Collaboration and connection are essential to the work Krisya does. She works on a large team of people with different expertise located throughout the US and internationally. The distance between her team members requires her to find creative solutions for them to be able to communicate as a team virtually, and she strives to interact with them daily. Team members also collaborate frequently with other departments across the company to match candidates to partner schools.

Krisya loves being able to work with staff in the teacher resources and global schools departments to stay connected to the experiences of the ambassador teachers she places. These teams work closely with teachers once they are placed, so she loves being able to hear about all of the amazing work they are doing in their US schools.

Thanks to Krisya and the entire selection team, our ambassador teachers are able to positively influence the lives of their students every day. Click here to learn from our ambassador teachers firsthand about their experiences, from the application process to school placements. For more information on how you can teach with us, check out our application requirements.

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