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Global Education

Our B Corp Story: Together for Tomorrow

At Participate Learning, we are committed to serving as a force for good that connects teachers and students through comprehensive programs to foster human understanding and create peace around the world. Our programs develop global leadership in students by applying a global lens to instructional practices in the classroom. Teachers cultivate global competencies like intercultural knowledge, empathy, critical thinking, self-awareness, and respect for differences in students that prepare them to thrive in the global marketplace.

As a certified B Corporation (B Corp), we are proud to be amongst a community of more than 3,500 companies worldwide that drive the global movement of balancing profit and purpose in business. We strive to support teachers, school leaders, and districts so they have the resources and knowledge needed to prepare the next generation of thought leaders and change-makers. By partnering with local communities, we know that widespread, long-lasting change is possible in order to create a better tomorrow for our world, together.

Building partnerships

For over 30 years, we have partnered with schools and districts to create global, cultural, and language connections that empower students and educators to positively impact the world. Many of us at Participate Learning are former teachers, principals, or school district leaders. All of us believe that global education is a catalyst for changing lives.

Our experience combined with our expertise allows us to tailor solutions to schools and districts that will best support their specific needs. Our high-quality education programs inspire curiosity, open-mindedness, and empathy in students. The purpose behind all of our work stems from the belief that tomorrow’s global leaders need a globally focused education today.

Academic success

Our education support managers are former educators who have an intimate understanding of how to seamlessly integrate global content into existing curriculum and standards. With their support, our partner schools have reported test score improvement, student growth, and teacher retention. Beyond just these outcomes, however, our programs immerse students in new cultures and perspectives that engage and inspire them while also building a sense of connection with the world.

With test scores for both reading and math historically in the bottom 50% and more than 400 K-5 students, Fred L. Wilson Elementary School needed to find a solution to support their increasingly diverse student population. Now a proud member of the Participate Learning partnership with both a global leaders program and dual language program, Fred L. Wilson Elementary has seen improved test scores and increased student engagement and participation. When students graduate, they will be fluent in Spanish, prepping them with a highly sought-after skill in today’s global economy. Check out this webpage to learn more about Fred L. Wilson’s success story.

Community connections

Our international teachers act as ambassadors of the cultures, traditions, and languages of their home countries for students. They have a large influence on their classrooms and schools by acting as diverse role models and exposing students to the world outside of their local communities. Students learn how to be culturally aware, active global leaders through their relationships with our ambassador teachers combined with our global curriculum.

These relationships don’t stop inside the classroom. The knowledge and skills students gain in global schools have a ripple effect on the larger community. Students are more likely to participate in and lead community engagement efforts that inspire them. They celebrate the interconnectedness of all people and take responsibility for making the world a better place, working together for a better tomorrow.

Do you want to learn more about Participate Learning’s work firsthand? Watch this video to see how we helped to transform an entire school district in rural North Carolina. For more information on how you can partner with Participate Learning, visit our webpage or contact us directly. Together, we can prepare students to be highly engaged contributors to a peaceful and united world.

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